Claim Recovery Assistance for Water and Mold Damage
Mold Damage Insurance Claim Help Whether the mold develops due to climate, flooding, or another property condition – a licensed public adjuster can help you evaluate your options on filing the proper claim with your insurance company in order to receive a fair settlement amount. Don’t Forget the burden of from lies solely on the policy holder. Insurance company has there own adjuster why don’t you.
You have recently had some type of water damage in your home or office due to a pipe bursting, roof leaking, or a heavy storm. Hopefully your insurance will cover the damage. What do you do? First read some information below about mold, because you may not know the implications of water and mold damage.
Molds are a component of a collection of micro-organisms called fungi that also includes mushrooms and yeasts. Molds are most recognizable to most people as a type of food spoiler on things such as fruit or bread. Molds are nature’s decomposers in the food chain. Mold requires the following environment to grow: 

  • mold spores (which are always present indoors and outdoors);
  • temperature range, from 2 to 40 °C;
  • a food supply, which means anything organic such as books, carpets, clothing, wood, drywall, etc.; and,
  • a source of moisture.

The last environment, moisture, is the only realistic factor to control in most houses.
If allowed to grow inside your house, mold can be a very large problem because it can damage your possessions and it can cause health problems, such as allergic reactions such as asthma or allergic rhinitis, non-allergic reactions such as headaches, and other symptoms [including] lung and breathing infections.
The first thing you can do is call All American Public Adjusters, Inc. and report the water damage. You can expect to discuss these questions and issues:

Mold Damage Insurance Claim Help
  • How did the water damage occur?
  • Is this damage covered by your policy?
  • Did the damage occur during the period your policy was in effect?
  • Are you reporting the water damage promptly (within 24 hours) to allow quick drying and repairs?
Once All American Public Adjusters, Inc. has been informed, an adjuster will schedule an appointment with you as soon as possible. An adjuster will review your policy with you and begin reviewing your mold damage. We will do a careful evaluation of your home or office and test the premises of mold. Our knowledgeable adjuster will take photographs, videotape, and inventory of all damaged property to provide the insurance company with as much thorough evidence of loss as possible.
Once mold has been detected our adjuster will recommend several contractors who have certification and training in water damage restoration and mold remediation to clean up the water damage and make repairs as needed to your home or office. We will make sure that the contractor is following the best possible procedures to look after your concerns. A thorough and fast cleanup will help avoid mold growth. If you wait too long and mold growth starts, cleanup costs will increase significantly. This is what we are looking for: speed. Mold grows quickly; We will ensure that you have a contractor in your house promptly 

All American Public Adjusters are competent individuals who are trained for your type of damage They will be sure that the contractor follows  basic, good clean up practices after your water damage. Here are some things that we look for:

    • The moisture source is stopped.
    • Wet items that can’t be salvaged are removed.
    • What can’t be removed is dried quickly.
    • Ideally, drying is done within 48 hours (to minimize mold growth).
    • No refinishing is done until the area is thoroughly dried.

If you already have extensive mold because, for example, you have had water damage because you have been away for a little while, or there was a long delay between the water damage and the arrival of a restoration contractor, or you just didn’t know that the insurance company would cover the damage, then All American Public Adjusters, Inc. would ask you some of the following comments or questions:

  1. Drying the damaged area; In addition, whether it was pre-existing mold and/or minor or hidden water damage.
  2. Removing the mold safely. To protect the workers, you, and your family from exposure to mold, our contractors will follow certain procedures. Here are some things we look for:
    • The affected area should be sealed off from the rest of your house.
    • The workers should be wearing protective gear.
    • There will need to be an exhaust fan removing air from the affected area to the outdoors.
    • No chemical disinfectants, such as bleach, should be used during clean up, only fragrance-free detergent.
    • Moldy materials should be sealed in plastic, if transported through your house.
  3. Confirm that the contractor checks thoroughly to make sure there is no remaining mold in your home or office. This includes inspecting:
    • All areas adjacent to the mold growth.
    • Behind wallpaper.
    • In areas where water may have seeped, such as wall cavities, basement subfloors, crawl.


Most molds do not harm healthy people. But people who have allergies or asthma may be more sensitive to molds. Sensitive people may experience skin rash, running nose, eye irritation, cough, nasal congestion, aggravation of asthma or difficulty breathing. People with an immune suppression or underlying lung disease, may be at increased risk for infections from molds.

A small number of molds produce toxins called mycotoxins. When people are exposed to high levels of mold mycotoxins they may suffer toxic effects in people, including fatigue, nausea, headaches, and irritation to the lungs and eyes. If you or your family members have health problems that you suspect are caused by exposure to mold, you should consult with your physician.
Call All American Public Adjusters, Inc. today to come and do a mold inspection if you feel any of the above symptoms. Remember time is of the essence.

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