Our Adjusters Have Handled a Variety of the
Following Types of Fire Damage Losses
Commercial Fires
Condominium Fires
Residential Fires
Business Fires
Chimney Fires
Electrical Fires
Kitchen Fires
Cooking Fires
Barbecue Fires
Grease Fires
Smoke Damage
Brush Fires
Soot Damage
Fires from lightning
Near Total Loss Fires
Rental Apartment Fires
Heater Malfunctions
Fire Exposure
(from your house of your Neighbors)
Cooking appliances
Accidental Fires
(eg. cigarettes, child mishaps, etc)
Help with Fire Damage Claim
All American Public Adjusters, Inc are public adjusters that have extensive experience dealing with all types of residential and commercial fire damage that vary in size from apartments to large homes, from small offices to large commercial buildings.

The most common and pricey homeowner insurance claim is a kitchen fire. Not only can the flames cause extensive damage to cabinetry, countertops, appliances and ceilings, smoke damage can spread into the attic and throughout a house.
When you experience any physical problems to your home, or other insurance related damages, make All American Public Adjusters your first line of defense.

If you have just suffered fire damage to your residential or commercial property; it is important to act fast!
Our Public Adjusters are helpful and make the claim process much easier.
The earlier we are involved with the loss, the better it is for you.

Our professional experience will give you the assurance knowing that the most proficient public adjusters are on the job.

Fire & smoke damage can create expenses to arise with any loss to your home and property. All American Public Adjusters, Inc provides you with experience and loss damage knowledge to ensure you specify all of your losses that are associated to the incident.

Fire damage assessment can be complicated. The problems that occur due to fire damage are not always noticeable or visible. We understand that your home or business is your most important life investment. We take great care to inspect all of the aspects of your damage and create a thorough outline on the details of your property damage. Once we are able to outline the problems, detailed processes are distinct, along with proper clean up techniques to repair the damaged area and any other areas which could have been exposed due to this fire and to prevent future damage. Time and experience are crucial in evaluating the fire damage. All American Public Adjusters, Inc have the proper construction methods, suitable clean up methods, and the vital estimating utensils to develop an estimate of damages which will benefit your fire damage insurance claim against your insurance company.

All American Public Adjusters, Inc can alleviate your stressful fire damage event. Our adjusters are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get on the scene, assess the damage and begin the process of a reasonable and appropriate recovery immediately.

Your property is your most valuable possession and usually your largest investment. All American Public Adjusters, Inc. will see to it that you repair your property back to its appropriate condition and lessen the haggling and stress your insurance company tends to inflict on you when filing an insurance claim. Contact All American Public Adjusters, Inc. today, to start the process of the appropriate recovery for your fire damage. Get the maximum settlement from your insurance claim.

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