All American Public AdjustersAt All American Public Adjusters, our goal is to help you when disaster strikes. We will come to you and evaluate your property damage along with your policy information. We will assist you with properly reporting your loss to your insurance company. We will then prepare an estimate for your insurance carrier and work with your insurance adjuster to get you the maximum settlement.

All American Public Adjusters have years of experience handling property damage claims.
Our company is extremely knowledgeable and experienced with reference to
property damage, code requirements, law changes, and insurance policies

Each state has very specific laws that usually allow you to reopen a claim if you were not fully compensated.  All American Public Adjusters, Inc. offers a free claim audit.  If you were paid by your insurance company for hurricane, flood, fire, or any other type of property damage and now recognize or believe that the disbursement the insurance company has provided is inefficient or inadequate, you generally have up to five years to reopen the claim.  Our fee will be based only on the new money that is collected.  Our licensed public adjusters will try to uncover all areas for maximum recovery. We will review your previous claim, damage, and losses and try and assess and negotiate a fair settlement for you.  If your insurance company underpaid your property damage, you may be able to receive a higher settlement. Most insurance people would say that if you receive a check and cash it you accept the settlement and can not pursue for more.  This is NOT true. A public adjuster can re-open a claim with your insurance company, submit proper documentation, negotiate directly with the insurance company adjuster upon your behalf and attain a settlement that would be satisfactory to cover all damages sustained. All American Public Adjusters, Inc. are licensed public adjusters which specialize in all types of property damage and settlement recovery. You may still be able to collect on all previous expenses and other damages, providing you follow the necessary statutory provisions. Call us today for a free claim audit.

Take a few moments to fill in some information that we need to get your claim set-up in our system. Once we receive your information, please allow 24 hours for one of our claims representatives get back to you. If your matter is urgent and you need to speak to someone immediately, call (800) 501-1230.

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