What is a Public Adjuster and do I need one?

Public Adjusters are experts on property loss estimating and are hired by the policy holder to assist in documenting, negotiating and settling insurance claims. Public Adjusters handle every aspect of your claim, working closely with the insurance company to provide you with the most equitable and prompt settlement.

Public Adjusters charge a percentage of the net settlement of the claim, which is established at the very beginning of the claims process. Then, they are paid after the claim is settled, upon you receiving payment of your entitled proceeds. If All American Public Adjusters, Inc. does not succeed in collecting a settlement for you, then we do not receive any money!

Q: What is a Public Adjuster?
A: Public Adjusters are extensively trained on property loss estimating and assisting in documenting, negotiating and settling insurance claims. Our Public Adjusters will take care of your claim from beginning to end. They will work closely with you in insure that the insurance company provides you with the most reasonable and prompt settlement
Public Adjusters are not attorneys and can only represent you with regard to your first party insurance claim. They cannot represent you in court nor can they represent you if you have a claim against a third party.

Q: What is the cost to retain a Public Adjuster?
A: Public Adjusters will establish a percentage charge of the net settlement of the claim. This will be established at the start of your claim process. Once the claim is settled, the customer will receive payment of the entitled compensation and will be responsible for remittance to the Public Adjuster. If All America Public Adjuster, Inc. does not succeed in collecting a settlement, YOU ARE NOT responsible for any payment.

Insurance Claim Help

When disaster strikes many people don’t know where to turn when they need help claiming insurance losses. You don’t have to go through the process alone or simply rely on the estimates your insurance company provides you. Instead, you can get immediate assistance along with a professional with your best interests as their number one priority.
Are you aware of how to document your losses? When filing an insurance claim, it helps to know exactly what’s been lost. A licensed public insurance adjuster will go through your property, surveying and documenting all damage both to the buildings as well as to the contents. With this detailed help, you can expect an equitable insurance claim settlement offer and peace of mind.

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