Q: I don’t understand what a Public Adjuster can do for me that I can’t do myself.
A: The insurance policy is a contract agreed upon at time of purchase. You as the policyholder and your insurance company as the insurer are held to very specific obligations. The most crucial fact of the policy, is that in order to get your insurance company to pay for your losses, you have to prove your claim to them. While many try to do this process themselves, they quickly come to realize that it is impossible for them to get the results that a trained professional will be able to achieve. In order to achieve the desire results you will have to become an overnight expert in pricing of everything from loss of use income to depreciation and of course become a will have to become a wiz at organizational and negotiating skills that are developed only from years of training. Often you forget how little time you actually have, when filling your claim without a Public Adjuster often this will become your full-time job for months and even years. When hiring All American Public Adjusters, Inc we will make sure that the process is smooth and proceeds as quickly as possible so your life is not affected further.

Q: The insurance company’s adjuster seems very knowledgeable about the claims process. Why should I be concerned about him misleading me?
A: In most cases the insurance company’s adjuster is knowledgeable, after all this is his job. But just like in divorce you wouldn’t use your ex’s attorney, why would you use your insurance companies adjuster? The expectation is that you are already aware and know how to do what is required to convince them and there employer that they ought to pay you for what you are claiming you have lost. You must bear in mind that insurance companies are for profit business and they must worry about the bottom line at all times, because of this there goal is not to fix your loss but to not pay out more then the bare minimum on the claims they receive.

Do not hesitate call All American Public Adjusters, Inc, our trained and experienced professionals are here to represent and guide you through the intricacies of documenting, presenting, and negotiating with your insurance companies. They will help you receive what you deserve for your loss, based in the maximum mount your coverage entitles you to.

Q. I still don’t see why I need a Public Adjuster – I already have an Independent Adjuster working on my claim.
A: Just as the claim process is confusing, understanding the types of adjusters maybe difficult. The word “independent” means that the licensed adjuster is able to represent more then one insurance company. Although his is “independent” he does represent the company and not the policyholder. His income or commissions are paid by the company that is represented and that is where his loyalty will always be. A Public Adjuster on the other hand has been licensed to represent individuals who have purchased a policy from an insurance company. As a consumer you are part of the public and therefore the only type of adjuster who can represent your needs is one who has the word “PUBLIC” in their title.

Q. How is a Public Adjuster paid, and how much?
A: A Public Adjusters fee in all cases is a percentage of the total amount you receive for a claim. All American Public Adjusters is not paid anything until you have been paid. Please note that in many cases we are able to help you use your policy’s benefits in such a way that it will help to more then make up for the fee.

Q. Do Public Adjusters have to be licensed or certified?
A: The majority of states do require Public Adjusters to be licensed and bonded by each state’s Department of Insurance. All American Public Adjusters, Inc is licensed in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennesee, Illinios, New Jersey, New York, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado. If your state is not listed don’t worry we can still help.

Q: My policy says I’m supposed to make some temporary repairs to protect my damaged property. How do I know what to repair now and what to wait till later to repair?
A: All American Public Adjusters, Inc will help you make these important decisions, as this is included in the many service we currently provide for our clients. Our general advice, after a loss it that you should protect your property as if you do not have insurance. Our knowledge in this area will definitely help to ensure you collect for all damages. Call All American Public Adjuster right away so we can help you from the beginning of the process.

Q: We have a lot of building contractors and cleaning/restoration companies knocking on our door, wanting to do our work and help us file out insurance claim. Why should I hire a Public Adjuster to do this for us, instead?
A: Many policyholders have developed confusion from this fairly recent development. Salesman and building contractors have begun presenting themselves a being qualified to help you with the intricacies of your insurance policy as well as claiming to have expertise in helping you to get the insurance company to pay for your repairs and cleanup. In reality, in most cases, these people are not licensed in any state to act as a claim adjusters, nor do they possess the necessary training. Often they are treading on the fine line with separates adjusters from builders, that is imposed by ethics. Contacting All American Public Adjusters ensures that you have a licensed and trained representative in documenting and settling your claim. We can also help you find ethical, bonded contractors to complete your repairs.

Q: Isn’t it a good idea to go ahead and get everything cleaned now by a professional restoration service instead of waiting until I have settled my claim?
A: Absolutely not! As a policyholder this is probably the single biggest mistake you can make.The reason for this is once the process had begun, the cleaning bill reduces the amount of coverage you have left to replace what has been destroyer or damaged in your loss. Although it s a well intentioned mistake it clearly illustrates why policyholders like yourself are in need of a Public Adjusters on there side. To avoid costly mistakes like this, call All American public Adjusters, Inc and speak to one of our trained professionals.

Q: Who decides if an item needs to be repaired or replaced? My insurance company and I are disagreeing on just about everything.
A: The policy, which is a contract between you and the insurance company has terms that require you to prove your loss. As your representative, All American Public Adjusters, Inc will work to justify your claim by documenting, and negotiate with the insurance company’s representative on your behalf in order to get them to agree with our decisions on these issues. If no agreement can be agreed upon by you and the insurance company, the Appraisal Clause of your policy may be on option considered. Please see the Appraisal Clause Section of this website, for more information on this option.

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