All American Public AdjustersAt All American Public Adjusters, our goal is to help you when disaster strikes. We will come to you and evaluate your property damage along with your policy information. We will assist you with properly reporting your loss to your insurance company. We will then prepare an estimate for your insurance carrier and work with your insurance adjuster to get you the maximum settlement.

All American Public Adjusters have years of experience handling property damage claims.
Our company is extremely knowledgeable and experienced with reference to
property damage, code requirements, law changes, and insurance policies

Living in a house next to the water can be serene and beautiful, but only if you have intentionally chosen that location! Flood damage can be one of the most devastating experiences that a homeowner can go through. Water is a powerful force and can cause a lot of damage and literally wash away all your belongings and investments. Just the smallest amount of flooding can result in large costs, for those with flood insurance, getting your claim paid can be a complex issue. When your belongings and investment, your home, is on the line its time to hire a professional who can take of the claim filing process and take over for you ensuring that your investments will not be lost.

Hire an Expert Flood Claim Specialist

When dealing with the aftermath of flood damage, you need an experienced and knowledgeable Public Adjuster. Not having a public adjuster represent you in the event of any damage to your home is similar to not having an attorney represent you in legal matters. Insurance Companies hire the best to protect their assets. SO SHOULD YOU!

Contact All American Public Adjusters Inc. today, and let us maximize the value of your insurance claim. Don’t fight the insurance companies alone. All American Public Adjusters Inc is one of the most reputable Adjusting firms in the Nation and has extensive experience dealing with Insurance Companies. Contact us today and allow us to help you get the money you deserve!

Public Adjuster Representation Larger Insurance Claim Settlements  


A licenced public insurance adjuster is available right now to discuss your claim.

Insurance Companies have their own adjusters,

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